MDS is a new age technology that enables the early diagnosis of protein misfolding diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

MDS (Multimer Detection System)

Multimer Detection System (MDS) is PeopleBio’s technology based on sandwich Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) with antigen-antibody reaction. Traditional ELISA has limitations on detection of proteins of various sizes and structures as epitopes bound respectively by capture antibodies and detection antibodies are physically apart disallowing the antibodies to recognize antigens’ structural changes.

On the contrary, PeopleBio’s proprietary technology, MDS employs capture antibodies and epitope-overlapping detection antibodies to selectively detect multimers.

MDS uses overlapping epitopes for the capture and detection antibodies, which allows for the selective detection of oligomers. The overlapping feature of the epitopes prevents detection antibodies from binding with monomers that have already reacted with capture antibodies. Whereas, oligomers that have multiple binding sites can react with a capture antibody then also bind with a detection antibody, resulting in a detection signal.

How MDS works

Advantages of MDS

Only requires 1 small blood sample
Can be applied to a multitude of diseases such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes, and Colorectal cancer
High diagnostic accuracy and repeatability

PeopleBio develops bioproducts that breathe hope into the diagnosis and treatment of protein misfolding diseases.


Certain proteins are difficult to detect because they exist in extremely low quantities; certain other proteins are hard to detect because their hydrophobic nature causes them to easily aggregate with other proteins. This is what brought about the development of SI-MDS (MDS Spiking and Incubation). Synthetic proteins are added to the sample mixture and incubated, during which oligomerization occurs. This leads to the detection of the target proteins, which initially existed in small amounts, which has a practical application in diagnostics.

SI-MDS can detect the target proteins even in the lowest of concentrations.


MDS-3D is an MDS extension technology that allows for the detection of multiple different antigens at a time with the help of three-dimensional magnetic beads. Multiple types of detection antibodies can be added to the sample mixture for simultaneous detection, which has the added benefit of time-efficiency. Different antibodies can react with the magnetic bead, thus enabling the detection of multiple diseases from a single sample.

Multiple proteins can be analyzed simultaneously using 3D-MDS.